The Japanese Mo Particle -what the textbooks don’t tell you

The Japanese Mo particle is quite simple and limited in its functions. However there is a very important point about it that is simply not covered in the Western version of “Japanese grammar”.

It is an important point because it is central to how Japanese grammar works. It not only makes the mo particle easier to understand but it also clarifies where it stands in relation to the other major particles so that the whole structure of Japanese grammar becomes clearer.

Please enjoy this lesson on the Mo particle.

As usual, if you have questions please ask them in the comments section on YouTube and I will answer you.

One thought on “The Japanese Mo Particle -what the textbooks don’t tell you

  1. キュアドリー先生,
    Yet another great lesson! This expands greatly on the very brief intro to も in Tae Kim’s grammar guide, and I am looking forward to your future lessons on inclusion of も in other particles. I love how your Dollygram described も as the cuddle particle 🙂

    Also extremely glad to hear your goodbye from English discourse here is only temporary until you return from 日本 :)

    Have a great time, and please make sure the doll does not forget her English language circuits at Tokyo airport on the way back…


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