Taking the Plunge: Japanese Self-Immersion. Links to all structure points

This is the support-page for the Japanese self-immersion video “Taking the Plunge” (you can find it further down the page).

Here we give links to full structural explanations of all the points covered in the video.


● Decorated Japanese: です・ます form. How it works.

● A meat-carrying dog: 肉をくわえた犬 Logical clauses as adjectivals (adjectival structure of Japanese)

● In the state of crossing the bridge: わたっていました. て-form depicting continuous state

● I’m not an android, I’m The Android: 犬はそれを見て は as marker of known entity, が of unknown entity.

● This, that and the other: 犬はそれを見て それ as part of the こ、そ、あ、ど structure, and how it really works.

● I came, I saw, I thunk: 犬はそれを見て思いました compound sentences.

● “Yours is bigger than mine”: あいつの肉のほうが大きそうだ Comparative ほう、contrasting one “side” with another.

● あいつの肉のほうが大きそうだ  そうだ expressing subjective impression (as opposed to differently-structured そうだ expressing hearsay).

● Annoyed dog or annoying dog? The nature of Japanese adjectives of subjectivity.

● Giving up or giving down? てくれる and てあげる (cf 取ってよろう)

● It fell saying “splash: ポチャンと the と particle marking both statements and sound-effects.

● It done fell: 落ちてしまいました てしまう、ちゃう、ちゃった, how they really work.

● The fact is that… 自分の顔だったのです。 understanding the のだ, のです ending.

● If one is greedy… the と conditional conjunction.

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