The Melonpan song


Time for your daily dose of KAWAIIII!

Here is a song in very simple Japanese that kawaii-lovers will adore (well this one does, anyway).

Perhaps partly because I have been watching some Anpanman movies in which Melonpanna-chan plays a prominent role – notably the adorable  夢の猫の国のニャニー (Yume no neko no kuni no Nyanii – Nyanii of the Country of the Dream-Cats) this song really hits the proverbial spot with your devoted dolly.

Even if you are a beginner you should be able to follow this song – it is very simple and subtitled mostly in kana. The lyrics are just inspired. I truly wish I had written this!

Teeny study points:

入ってる (はいってる)means 入っている. It is a very common contraction in spoken Japanese, but the textbooks don’t prepare you for it!

Interesting to note for pronunciation purposes is how, when carefully pronounced (as in this kind of singing) the ん sound is “syllabic” (actually it is a mora, to learn all about this, see my Amenbo no Uta article). It is worth listening to how each kana is pronounced.

For those interested, we also have a much fuller exploration of grammar points in this song.

Have fun!

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